I am a neonatal therapist (OT, PT, SLP) is this for me because I already practice in the NICU?

  • YES
  • IGNITE is a systematic way to evaluate and enhance your program.
  • Gives you a step-by-step way of creating standardized processes that will ensure you have a strong, clearly defined neonatal therapy program.
  • You receive tangible documents and processes for your team.
  • You do not have to “re-create” the wheel in order to develop teaching and mentoring tools for therapists and nurses.

I have NO experience in the NICU. Will this be appropriate for me?

  • YES YES YES!!!!
  • This program will provide you with step-by-step foundational way of learning the essential skills and knowledge necessary for practicing in the NICU.
  • IGNITE will teach you a framework for the assessment, interventions and documentation.

I work in a NICU that is extremely conscious of providing evidence-based interventions. Is this program built on evidence?

  • YES
  • IGNITE is based on current literature and evidence regarding assessment and intervention in the NICU.
  • It is reviewed at regular intervals to ensure content is current and applicable.

 I am currently a student in (OT/PT/SLP) school. Would IGNITE be appropriate for me?

  • Absolutely – especially if your goal is to end up working in a NICU someday.
  • Having the completion of this program on your CV will be an amazing selling point for you!
  • You also have access to the content for 3 years so that you can review at any time.

I am a nurse. Would I be able to learn from this course or is it all “therapy related”?

  • YES, as a nurse, you will have access to information that will only ENHANCE your bedside skills regarding theory, neurodevelopment and feeding.
  • You can use the materials to determine if you have a quality developmental care program (or not) in your unit. It will provide you with ideas to teach/ implement that will be invaluable to your NICU.

Will this program help me with getting certified in neonatal therapy?

  • While this program is foundational and built from the core scope of practice for Neonatal Therapist, it can help with basic knowledge.
  • THERE IS NO guarantee that this program (or ANY) will ensure passing the exam for neonatal therapists.
  • This is NOT a review course for the exam.

What is the time commitment for the program?

  • The minimum time commitment is approximately 2 hours/month, which includes the training webinar (if you watch one/month) and monthly guidance calls.
  • However, there are additional tools and activities that are included in the program that may require additional time, but that is up to YOU.
  • Our desire is that you utilize all the components of the program and invest in YOU.

How long do I have access to the content?

  • You have access to the content for 3 years from the time you began your program. (the content is peer reviewed and updated every three years)

Does this program count for mentorship towards CNT?

  • The monthly Guidance Calls will count as mentorship for CNT, as long as you are in attendance.
  • We do not keep attendance for calls, so this is up to you!

Any additional benefits I should know about?

  • We offer the program on-demand so you can watch each webinar at your own pace! This offers flexibility and access when you need it.
  • It is important to know that the webinars must be watched in sequential order. This is important to us as the program builds your knowledge as you progress and we feel like that is important.
  • The monthly Guidance Calls are also beneficial in hearing us to discuss application and real-time problem solving with your peers.
  • You will also be added to a private FB page (if you wish) so you can follow clinical discussions with all the current IGNITE participants and past IGNITE’ers too!
  • We give you resources, tools, activities and more to help with learning.
  • The program includes 4 guest speakers: Jenene Craig, Jenni Jacob, AJ Lee and Jenny Reynolds. They will be joining us on one of the GC to answer your questions about their content!