How long does the Ignite Program run?

It is a 12 month program.  Beginning on June 10, 2015 and ending May 11, 2016.

What would be my estimated time commitment for the program?

The webinars and conference calls are scheduled to last approximately one hour each, so 2 hours per month.

Outside of that time commitment, you will have small ‘assignments’ and exercises.  They will be completely relevant to your role in the NICU (not busy-work).  The exercises may take 15 to 30 minutes and will be time well spent for entire department and NICU.

What if I’m not able to join the program live.  Are the Training Modules and Guidance Calls recorded?

Yes, the Training Modules and Guidance Calls are recorded and will be uploaded to your IGNITE Hub member space within 24 hours.

If I successfully complete the program will there be a certificate provided?

Yes, after you complete the program the passed an online test you will receive a certificate of completion including the duration of the training.

Are group rates available?

Yes, there is a group rate for the IGNITE Program and our team can help you enroll together.  The group rate is 10% off the total for groups of 3 or more.) Click here to speak with our team to learn more.

I am a [OT, PT, SLP] who is looking to get into the NICU. I’ve been searching everywhere to find a program like this where I am guided by mentors already in the field. I am wondering if it is ONLY for therapists already in the NICU or if I would benefit from it as well.

Yes, you would benefit greatly from this program. It’s meant for those who are NEW or newer to the NICU. It begins with foundational learning about theory and framework that will shape the rest of your practice and ensures that you understand how to build a valuable practice in the NICU. The program also covers intro to assessment and intervention, parent education and much more. Some of the participants will be brand new and others will have a few years of experience in the NICU.  The mentors are FUN, knowledgeable and passionate.

Will you accept applications past the deadline as I would like to try and get reimbursement through my organization and I believe it takes 2 weeks to process once I submit?

We are committed to our deadline as participants will begin receiving content in the IGNITE Hub as early as the end of May and we need to know who is ‘in’ by then so that we can set things up properly on this end. That being said, keep us posted on your progress. If it will be late by just a few days we can likely manage that – if late by weeks, then likely not.